About Us & FAQ’s

Welcome to MercatoPosto.Com, Your One . Stop Free Online Business Directory. We have created this website for businesses to showcase their services from anywhere in the World. There are many online directories that charge high rates to promote your business which can be very expensive especially for new business startups.

MercatoPosto is free to join as a member, for a small fee, you can set up and publish your business in no time! Feel free to use our service, thank you for visiting MercatoPosto.Com.

Q: Who can join?

A: Anyone one can join whether you have a website or not. Just complete your registration and submit your listing.

Q: Do you charge for using this service?

A: Yes for a small fee to cover the running cost of the website.

Q: Do you allow any kind of advert or listing?

A: Yes apart from nude or offensive postings which will be deleted without prior warning. Without prejudice, we will not list introductory agencies, dating sites or personals as we currently advertise a dating service on our website.

Q: How do I contact admin if I encounter issues with my listing?

A: There is a contact form on the webpage that you can use. We will do our best to reply as soon as possible and resolve any issues you may have.

Q: How soon will I see my listing after submission?

A: As soon as admin have reviewed and approved it.

Q: What is the time duration on my listing?

A: All listings will be published for 365 days, after that period, you can re publish with our recurring options. If you do not wish to re subscribe, please cancel membership before the next charges are due.

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